2021 Summer Session

Culture and the Impending Ecocatastrophe

Narratives of Ecology and Sustainable Futures

University of Turku, Finland (ONLINE)

20thOctober 2021 




Marta-Laura Cenedese and Helena Duffy, Coordinators of ‘Narrative and Violence’ 


Keynote Lecture: ‘Nostalgia, Ecocatastrophe, or Sustainability? Environmental Storytelling and Ecocritical Theory’

Reinhard Hennig, University of Agder, Norway

Chair: Helena Duffy 


Session 1: Narrating the Nuclear

Chair: Marta-Laura Cenedese

‘Locating Authority in Envisioning Nuclear Markers’

Robert Jacobs, Hiroshima Peace Institute/Hiroshima City University, Japan

‘Profiling “Solastalgia” in US Nuclear Fiction within “Literary Energy Narratives” Frames

Inna Sukhenko, University of Helsinki/University of Jyväskylä, Finland

‘Nuclear Incidents as Metaphors for Ecocatastrophe in Anticipatory Fiction from Luxembourg’

Sébastian Thiltges, University of Luxembourg

‘Choreographing with Catastrophe’

Malin Palani, Independent scholar and artist

Break – 15 minutes


Session 2: Storytelling and Climate Change

Chair: Avril Tynan

‘Feelings of Hope and Helplessness in Norwegian Environmental Storytelling: Knut Faldbakken’s and Maja Lunden’s Climate Change Fictions’

Georgiana Bozîntan, Universitet Babes-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca, Romania

‘Is There Ecofeminism in Contemporary Nordic Climate Fiction?’

Katarina Leppänen, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

 Writing as Research: Materialising the Environmental Crisis through Experimental Representation’

Rosanne van der Voet, University of Sheffield

‘Aquatic Spaces in Sci-Fi Films: The Anthropocene and Diffraction in Water Planet Imaginaries’

Faeze Rezaii, University of Turku, Finland

Break – 5 minutes


Session 3: New Perspectives on the Anthropocene

Chair: Jouni Teittinen

“Ruled by Place”: Annie Proulx Confronts the Ecocatastrophe in Fiction’

Hanna Jocelyn, Rutgers University, USA

‘Crisis as Opportunity: Ecologies of Hope and Transformation in Contemporary Literature’

Elizabeth Tavella, University of Chicago, USA

‘Nature and Gender in Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer: Writing an Ethical Shift in Environmental Perception’

Chloé Bour-Lang, University of Strasbourg, France

‘Interstices of Change: Artistic Production in the Face of Black Anthropocenes’

Spring Ulmer, Middlebury College, USA

16.35-16.45 Closing remarks

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