Participation Fee Circle 6: A Nordic Environmental Ethic? (discount)


Participation fee plus NSU Membership 2021.


Participation fee:

For those funded by an institution: 20€

For students, unemployed, etc.: 10€

In addition, NSU membership fee of 25€/10€.

The Nordic Summer University (NSU) annual membership fee facilitates the existence of NSU, which is a volunteer-based organisation. As a member you can sign up for all events organised by NSU, take part in the democratic decision-making process on which NSU is based, and become part of the extensive network of NSU. There are two rates: a standard fee of 25 euros and a discounted membership of 10 euros for self-financed/freelance/independent students, scholars and artists.

Tervetuloa! Välkommen! Velkommen! Velkominn! Buresboahtin! Pyereest puáttim! Tiõrv pueʹttem! Welcome!