Circle 10: Art and creative practices as a tool to interpret, redefine and appropriate heritage of the Nordic-Baltic regions (Ad hoc circle 2022)

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About this Study Circle

The Circle proposes to explore the cultural heritage of the Nordic-Baltic region using creative practices as the main tool. It combines theoretical and practice-led activities, offering an opportunity to investigate non-textual forms of knowledge and communication towards various questions related to identity, heritage, memory, etc. In our opinion, discussions around these categories are especially relevant now, because heritage often becomes a resource for sustainability in times of crisis and changes. But at the same time, crises often require redefining the value, relevance and functions of heritage. That is why we need to explore new ways of working with heritage, and to develop horizontal inclusive ways of its interpretation.

Art and creative practices, both professional and amateur, are considered in this course as a tool. Firstly, we will try to analyze how the region’s heritage is reflected in the works of (non) local artists. Secondly, creative practice might be seen as a way of participation. Since creativity implies subjectivity and different interpretations, it emphasizes the right to one’s own opinion and the ability to find a diversity of meanings in one object. And thirdly, it allows us to explore irrational, performative, bodily ways of knowledge.

The Winter Symposium will take place at the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania. During the meeting we will focus on object-oriented art and creative practices related to the Nordic-Baltic regions heritage. This may include exhibitions, public art, installations and other types of artworks, interpretation of the archives or artefacts, curatorial practices, museum expositions, etc. The Summer meeting will be focused on performative, time-based art, such as theatre, performance, live art, embodiment, etc.

About the Network

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Svetlana Kondratyeva
Circle 10 coordinator
Stsiapan Stureika
Circle 10 coordinator