Preliminary Program, Circle 6, fifth symposium, 3-5th March 2017, Fengersfors

This is the Preliminary Program for the third winter symposium (fiftH session in total) of Nordic Summer University study circle 6, Appropriating Technology for Societal Change, 3-5th March, Fengersfors.

Richard Barbrook, Keynote speaker, “Labour and Digital Democracy”

Simone Belli, “The Digital Transformation in Science”

Chrysi Dagoula, “The journalistic use of Twitter during electoral periods and its implications for the Public Sphere concept: The British Case” (18 Oct 2016)

Angelantonio Grossi, “Shifting away from secularity – digital publics in Ghana and beyond”

Emma Harrison, “At an Intersection between Responsibility and Digital Engagement”

Isadora Hellegren, “Articulations of Internet Freedom in Relation to the State: A Crypto-Discourse Timeline”

Geraldine Juarez, “Intercolonial Technogalactic”

Solange Kurpiel, “The online Brazilian alternative media: de-virtualizing the public space” (9 Nov 2016)

Laura Laugwitz, “A Rail of One’s Own: Creating Spaces for women in IT”

Anne-Sophie Letellier, “Data Haven”: Challenging Internet Governance

Raquel Mayers, “KYBDslöjd, what the hell for? A brutalist storytelling about technology and keystrokes.”

Nikita Mazurov & Susan Kozel, “Evasion Studio: Counter-Archiving Crypto-Publics”

Stian Rødven Eide, “A Serious Proposal to End Advertising”

Salla Tuomola, “Refugee crisis in the conventional media, social media and false media” (18
Oct 2016)