Program Circle 6 summer 2017 ‘Appropriating Science and Technology for Societal Change’

Thu 27

9–10 Welcome, introduction and elections
10:15–11:30 Johan Söderberg, Hacking hacked – resistance to the current

13–15 Visit other circles

Fri 28

9–11:30 Bilkent event

13–14 Anders Ramsay, Technology in Marx and critical theory

Sat 29

9–11:30 Visit other circles

13–14 Gabriele Prosperi, The visual creation of a file- sharing community of consumers: the branding role of indexing sites
14–15 Jakob Lundgren, Cryptocurrency and basic income

Mon 30

9–11:30 Visit other circles

13–14 Heger Attaya, TBA
14–15 Maxigas, On a bug being found: when bios interrupts calculus

Tue 1

09–11:30 Visit other circles

13–14 Eric Deibel, Hacking the global bio-commons: from alternatives to new insecurities
14–15 Final round of syntheses