Summer session 2020 dates

Here are the important dates to have in mind regarding the upcoming summer session 2020. Please read them through and add these dates to your calenders.

1. March 1 Publish Newsletter # 1, including price list and call for Mentors and Youth Leaders. Board and Arrkom
2. March 15 Call for papers, scholarship and grants application are published on the NSU web page. Coordinators link to the information blog. Coordinators
3. April 1 The information blog should be completely ready and fully updated by now. Newsletter #2 is published with the link to the blog, cfp and S/G included. Board and Arrkom
4. April 15 Application for mentor and youth leaders closes. Arrkom informs the applicants for the Mentor and the Youth Leaders positions of the results. Arrkom
5. April 1 to May 1 Registration of all functions (Board, Arrkom, coordinators, mentor, youth leaders, keynotes) Arrkom
6. May 1 Final deadline for the cfp, scholarship and grants. Registration and payment opens.Coordinators, Board, Arrkom  
7. May 1 to May 10 Coordinators provide information regarding accepted participants, grants, and scholarship proposals. Coordinators, Arrkom
8. May 15 Final deadline for Arrkom to inform grant and scholarship receivers via email. Receivers need to respond according to deadlines which can found on the support page for the grants and scholarships. Newsletter # 3 goes out. Arrkom
9. June 1 Final deadline for registration and payment. Any unclaimed scholarships and grants are offered to applicants on the waiting list. Arrkom  
10.     June 15 Final deadline for participants on the waiting list to register and pay. Arrkom  
  11. July 24Arrival day for Board and Arrkom. Board meeting.Board, Arrkom  
12.  July 25 Arrival day for coordinators and Mentor. Coordinator and Mentor meeting.Coordinators, Mentor  
  July 26 Arrival day for participants.  
  Thursday, July 30 Anniversary festival day.  
  Saturday, August 1   Coordinator and Board meeting with old and new coordinators, and new board members.  
  Sunday, August 2 Departure day  

Last updated February 21, 2020.