Winter Session & Ad Hoc accounting procedure

Below, you can find the new instructions for accounting for winter symposiums and ad hoc symposiums. The instructions are quite detailed, but if there are problems or unclarities not covered in them, please write to the treasurer (in 2020: Nicole des Bouvrie (nicole.nobyeni @ The reason this detailed system is in place, is to live up to the demands of the auditors, as well as easing the workload of our accountant (saving time and money). The instructions are the same for both study circles and ad hoc symposia.

Deadlines & what to send to whom

The deadline for finishing the WS accounting report is the 15th of May. Please submit the Zoho Expense report & the finished Excel sheet to the NSU Treasurer (2020: nicole.nobyeni @ The NSU Treasurer will then approve the reporting and send everything to Susanne (at FNF, the NSU accountants).

Funding from NSU

Please be aware that in 2020 the amount provided by NSU is 34.000 DKK. If you make less costs (or are not able to provide invoices/receipts for these costs), this money needs to be paid back to NSU.

Due to the funding situation, it may not be possible to pay the full amount of funding to the coordinators before half of March.

Exchange rates

In the income side of the Accounting report overview, which is done in the attached excel template, you will need to calculate manually in order to list the expenses in DKK. Everyone has to use the same exchange rates, as listed below. They are not in the guidelines, as they will change yearly. They are the taken from the Danish National Bank on the 1st of bank day of the year. This is something that has been agreed on with our accounting service provider at FNF. If you have been handling income in another currency than the ones listed below, please contact the NSU Treasurer.

Rates for 2020 [date 2 January 2020]

Currencies in relation to DKK
1 SEK 1 EUR 1 GBP 100 ISK 100 NOK 1 PLN 1 USD
DKK 0.7135 7.4719 8.8083 5.443 75.93 1.7563 6.6755

Getting a Zoho Account

Each circle has an account for the Expense reporting system, Zoho Expense. In order to have your account created, please write to Nicole des Bouvrie, Treasurer NSU 2020, to indicate which email address the account should be tied to. Preferably, if you have a circle email account, use this. If not, use the address of the coordinator responsible for the accounting. There is one ZOHO account per circle / ad hoc.

Attached instructions

Hopefully you will find them easy to follow.

NSU Instructions for the accounting report WS & Ad Hoc [pdf]

Budget template [excel file]

Financial Report Winter Symposium / Ad Hoc Symposium template [excel file]