Nordic Networks for Interdisciplinary Study and Research

Nordic Networks for Interdisciplinary Study and Research

Since 1950 the Nordic Summer University (NSU) has been an independent, academic institution, which organises symposia that draws international participants across disciplines in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Did you know, that you can also contribute  to, and be a part of the future of NSU? As a volunteer, as a participant and as a funder?

Grounded in the universal Nordic values of equality, democracy and openness, the Nordic Summer University brings a richness through the diversity of its participants and representation from all the Nordic regions. Going through a transitional journey towards and within the NSU activities, NSU provides opportunities for participants to be challenged out of their comfort zones, participation in a non-hierarchical space and intellectual stimulation, activities during which there is a resonance between people, methods and goals. To achieve this, it is important that we purposefully think and work across academic boundaries and actively encourage the expression of different perspectives. We nurture and have slow thinking through reflective dialogue. For a while, NSU members are sharing their learning journey with others, achieving inter-personal growth through being present together for several days. Finally, NSU brings and nurtures pro-active social awareness through providing a fertile ground for planting seeds of the weak signals of societal issues.

In order to accomplish this, the Nordic Summer University is not only founded on those fundamental values of equality, democracy and openness. The Nordic Summer University is also built upon the understanding that we grow during adversities, that acts of personal contributions are important and that there needs to be a transparent acknowledgment of the value of voluntary work. The Nordic Summer University calls upon everyone to engage in the democratic decision-making process which forms the heart of the operation of the Nordic Summer University.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Nordic Summer University in 2020, and making sure that the values of democracy, equality and openness continue planting seeds in society in the future, we invite you to give a birthday present to NSU. We welcome donations, whether it is 70 Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish kronor or 70 euro (or more).

Let’s work together to make sure that NSU is created by the people and for the people, also in the future.

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