Publications & Media

Publications & Media

The Nordic Summer University (NSU) aims to support the varying publishing activities of its different study circles in accordance with their own particular aims and requirements. NSU itself does not produce publications but seeks to facilitate the work of circles with existing or new publishing outlets.

NSU defines two different tracks for publishing within the frame of the organization: academic audiences and general audiences. The first track is scholarly publications in accordance with established academic standards. The second track is defined as publishing that is directed towards the general public. NSU is based not only on research defined in a strictly academic sense, but also on folkbildning, which we understand as cultivation of the self, education, networking, and community development. Therefore we would also like to open up the possibilities for the circles to produce publications that work towards the expansion of these notions by publishing material that is accessible to wider audiences.

According to its statutes §1.6, “NSU values the plurality of languages existing in the Nordic-Baltic regions.” In this spirit, the board encourages circles and their participants to publish in such languages and/or with Nordic/Baltic journals that are specific to the topics with which the circles engage.

Based on the individual applications, the NSU board will support the publishing aims of the study circles financially. You can read the full publishing strategy here: The-Nordic-Summer-University-Publishing-Strategy-converted.pdf

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