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NSU offers an environment for cooperation and critical exchange of ideas that is rarely found in other academic institutions. Participants come to NSU with a deep interest and curiosity in the topics explored and they come from all walks of life. Indeed, diversity regarding occupation, national and regional ties, age, academic standing and field of interest is part of what makes NSU stand out from other academic conferences.

You can become part of NSU by contacting the coordinators of the study circle you are interested in joining and by subscribing to the newsletter.

NSU Symposia

NSU symposia take place in countries in and directly surrounding the Nordic/Baltic region.

During the winter each study circle organizes their own weekend Winter Symposium and in the summer all circles hold week-long symposia at a shared location as part of the NSU’s Summer Session, normally during last week of July.

One unique characteristic of the summer session is the inclusion of a children’s’ circle, which is offered so that parents can bring their children while taking part in study circle symposia.

All activities of NSU are open to everyone.

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