Circle E: Feminist intersectional pedagogies

Circle E: Feminist intersectional pedagogies

Upcoming Events (2024):

  • Summer Session: Feminist intersectional pedagogies: Moving towards communities of solidarity, 29 July – 5 August, Løgumkloster Højskole, Denmark

Past Events:

  • Winter Symposium: Feminist intersectional pedagogies: reimagining and rebuilding education, 20-22 March 2024, Helsinki, Finland


In our one-year circle, we aim to engage with the topic of intersectional analysis in the field of education systems and teaching practices in Nordic, Baltic and Eastern European spaces. Including the regional perspective, we want to address questions of race, gender, and class identities in intersectional pedagogies, putting a particular focus on the context of “white innocence” of the studied spaces and the current position of the region in the global relations of inequalities.

Some of the questions we aim to address during our conversations include:

  • What are the intersectional challenges that prevail in educational structures? How can they be recognised and dismantled? How does whiteness and white innocence reinforce these intersections of discrimination?
  • What kind of future imaginaries and practices can feminist intersectional pedagogies build?
  • To what extent can educators, researchers, artists and activists apply the principles of feminist intersectional pedagogy to shape their practice and challenge white supremacy and heteronormativity?
  • How can pedagogists from various sectors work collaboratively to build communities that discuss challenges and share good practices?

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Maija Jones
Coordinator Study Circle E
Saara Loukola
Coordinator Study Circle E
Milena Blahuta
Coordinator Study Circle E

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