Activities in NSU revolve around thematic study circles that meet twice-yearly over a three-year cycle. In addition to regular three-year study circles, NSU welcomes ad hoc one-year circles to open the organization to new influences and participants.

The coordinators are at the core of NSU. They are responsible for the work of the study circles, recruitment and setting up events. They often choose a traditional form for work, where papers are presented in seminars, with plenty of time for discussion. Experiment with other forms of work are also most welcome. Coordinators do not get paid for their work.


  1. The coordinators are elected by the study circle. The study circle can change coordinators.
  2. In general by default two coordinators are elected, which NSU can administrate for meetings and refunds.
  3. One coordinator is responsible for the economical handling during a winter symposium.

Support pages for Coordinators:

Arranging Winter and Summer Symposiums:

Winter Symposia are three-day meetings arranged separately by each study circle and held in a Nordic or Baltic country between January and April.

Summer Symposia is the yearly culmination of NSU’s activities where all circles hold their symposia at a shared location. The symposia takes place at a location in the Nordic or Baltic countryside, usually at the end of July. Logistical arrangements for the summer symposia is supported by ARRKOM.

You can read more about arrangement of Winter and Summer Symposiums here:


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