Summer Session

Summer Session

What is NSU’s summer session?

The week-long Summer Session is the yearly culmination of NSU’s activities where all circles hold their symposia at a shared location. The session takes place at a location in the Nordic or Baltic countryside, usually at the end of July. Study circles work during the day and in the evening, numerous social and cultural events take place.

One of the key values of NSU is that families with children can participate at the summer sessions. NSU therefore provide what we call a Children’s Circle for participants who are between three and thirteen years old.

Important information for the Summer Session 2024

Location: Lögumkloster Höjskole, Denmark.
Arrival: 29 July 2024.
Departure day: 5 August 2024.

All of the updates are going to be published in spring 2024.

A typical day in the summer session

  • 07:30–9:00 Breakfast
  • 08:15–9:00 Morning Exercise
  • 9:00–10.30 Study circle activities
  • 10.30–10.45 Fika/Coffee
  • 10.45–12.15 Study circle activities
  • 12.15–13.45 Lunch
  • 13.45–15.15 Study circle activities
  • 15.15–15.30 Fika/Coffee
  • 15.30–17.00 Keynote/NSU workshops, assemblies, meetings and discussion
  • 18.00–19.30 Dinner
  • From 19.30 Cultural Program

How to take part in the summer session

To attend, you need to apply to one of the Study Circles of Nordic Summer University (see list below). Once you have identified the study circle you want to participate in, you need to respond to their call of proposals before the deadline.

When your participation has been confirmed by the coordinators of your study circle, you will need to send in the payment for the summer session. You will then be able to make your own travel arrangements.

Do you have a partner or family you would like to bring? No problem. Just make sure you choose the right type of accommodation and that you cover their costs when you proceed with payment on the NSU website.

Nordic Summer University 2024 Study circles

Price list 2023 (as an example)

The price range for the full week including lodging, meals and the program will be from 175 EUR to 575 EUR. Scholarship receivers would pay 175 EUR and be accommodated in twin or triple rooms. Other participants can choose between single rooms (575 EUR), a bed in a twin room if travelling alone (425 EUR), a double room or a family room if travelling with children (950 EUR for a family of three/four). The rooms are all equipped with their own private bathroom (shared with only the people on the room). All rooms at Vyturys Hotel are of modest to good quality. The rooms include bed linen and towels, and all food is also included in the price. There are enough rooms to accommodate up to 200 people, so lack of beds should not be a problem. The webshop to register and reserve a room will be open until June 1st, where you can book your accommodation once you’re accepted by one of the study circles.

How to get financial help to attend

If you have institutional support or another type of funding, we ask you that you use it to attend our week-long summer university. If you do not, NSU offers a scholarship and grant options for which the participants at the Summer Session can apply. The application period for scholarships/grants opens on the same date as the calls: April 15th​. Deadline is ​June 1, 2023. You submit your scholarship/grant application at the same time as your proposal for the summer session to the study circle coordinator(s). Scholarship/grant recipients pay 150 euros for the whole week, including room and board. They are hosted in twin or triple rooms and generally have to dedicate a couple of hours during the week to help with various tasks. More information here. Travel support may be available for Baltic and West-Nordic participants. Please inquire when you apply. Suggestions for funding options for individuals to apply for to external funders will be shared when available.

Dates 2023 to keep in mind

  • 1 April – Calls for proposals are shared 
  • 15 May – Deadline to apply to the NSU summer session 2023 & Deadline to apply for a scholarship/grant (late applications may be accepted! So reach out to the coordinators of your study circle for more information!)
  • 16 May – Scholarship & grant applicants are notified of the outcome of their funding application 
  • 15 May – June 1 – Registration and payment for everyone
  • July 27- Arrival at Palanga and start of the summer session (volunteers arrive one day earlier)
  • August 3 – Departure

For more information…

…please visit To ensure that the Summer Session runs smoothly, there will be an Arrangement committee (Arrkom) at the site who will take care of NSU’s participants. The committee can be contacted with any questions or queries at Please be aware that NSU is fully run by volunteers.

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