NSU Board

NSU Board

The Board of the Nordic Summer University is its executive body. It consists of five or six members, at least four of which must be representatives from different Nordic or Baltic countries. The chair and board members are elected by participants of NSU during the General Assembly organised at the Summer Session each year. Elected board members are to serve for one calendar year at a time, maximum of three years in a row (four years for Chair). Areas of responsibility are divided among the members. These include: treasurer, external funding, publication activities and archive, study program, communication and PR, external relations, and management of internal affairs. Meetings take place mostly virtually, in line with our strategy plan to be as sustainable as possible.

To assist the General Assembly in electing the new members of the Board of the Nordic Summer University, a Nominating Committee is chosen who will talk with previous members and potential candidates in order to select a group of people who are willing and able to support the Nordic Summer University as a board member.

More information can also be found in the statutes of the Nordic Summer University (the statutes are undergoing revision, the linked once valid to 2023).

All positions at the Nordic Summer University, including the board members, are voluntary positions. NSU only covers the expenses made, based on actual costs.

Protocols from board meetings are made public (minutes of 2024).

Board 2024:


Karolina Enquist Källgren
Board member [Chair]


Stéphanie Barillé
Board member [Treasurer]

West Nordic

Nicole des Bouvrie
Board member

International/The Netherlands 

Giorgios Diapoulis
Board member [Technical Support]


Alina Kalachova
Board member [Website, Facebook]


Deputies 2024:


Talya Deibel


Johan Söderberg


Una Þorlaksdóttir
Deputy [Newsletter]


Carsten Friberg
Deputy [Funding]


Emilia Plitcha


Noah Mihatsch
Deputy [Circle Coordination]



Karolina Enquist Källgren (Sweden, chair)
Stéphanie Barillé (West Nordic, vice-chair)
Emilia Plichta (Finland, treasurer)
Oddbjørn Ørbech Jensen (Norway, circle coordination)
Anne Sauka (Baltics, website, newsletter)
Talya Deibel (International/Turkey, board member)

Nicole des Bouvrie (International/The Netherlands, accountant)
Alina Kalachova (International/Belarus, social media)
Lara Hoffmann (West Nordic, deputy)
Carsten Friberg (Denmark, statutes revision and funding)
Johan Söderberg (Sweden, deputy)
Eric Deibel (International, study program)


Nicole des Bouvrie (International, chair)
Karolina Enquist Källgren (Sweden, funding)
Lara Hoffmann (West Nordics, treasurer)
Laura Brännkärr-Väänänen (Finland, circle coordination)
Anne Sauka (Baltics, newsletter)
Johan Söderberg (Sweden, board member)


Nicole des Bouvrie (International, chair)
Mikael Carleheden (Sweden, vice chair)
Inta Balode (Baltic)
Laura Hellsten (Finland)
Arne Johan Vetlesen (Norway)
Qivioq Nivi Lövström (West Nordic)


Inta Balode (Baltics, chair)
Nicole des Bouvrie (International)
Erik Poulsen (Sweden)
Laura Hellsten (Finland)
Gustav Eek (Sweden)


Disa Kamula (Finland, chair)
Eret Talviste (Baltic)
Erik Poulsen (Sweden)
Nicole des Bouvrie (International)
Annikki Wahlöö


Disa Kamula (Finland, chair)
Johanna Sjöstedt (Sweden)
Ben Tyrer (International)
Kristian Guttesen (Danmark, Iceland)
Eret Talviste (Baltic)


Disa Kamula (Finland, chair)
Jutta Vikman (Danmark)
Johanna Sjöstedt (Sweden)
Ben Tyrer (International)
Ragnhild Freng Dale (Norway)

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