• Experiential Artistic Processes as Research Symposium
    The new iteration of Circle 7 will be focusing on the experiential in artistic practice, its methods, knowledges and processes. From 2022 until 2024, we will host biannual symposia, with the aim to create opportunities to explore plurality of experiences through art practice and to gather methodological abundance by investigating practice-based methods and research strategies. This will be done through questioning and evaluating the experiential as a form of artistic reflection and a means to move the practice forwards.   The … Continue reading
  • Save the Date!
    This summer… we will meet again in person! (Unless Covid-restrictions forbid us…) So please save the date… the NSU Summer Session will take place from 28 July – 4 August 2022. (Arrival day is 28 July, departure day is 4 August 2022.) We will stay at Rønningen Folkehøgskole, just outside of Oslo, Norway.
  • Keynote Silvia Frederici now online
    During the October Session 2021, many were present to listen to the keynote by Prof. Silvia Frederici. But for those who missed it, the full keynote can now be viewed online: Silvia Federici is an Italian and American scholar, teacher, and activist from the radical autonomist feminist Marxist and anarchist tradition. The keynote was invited by circle 4 on ‘Narrative and Violence’, which investigates narrativisations of violence within social, political, cultural, and scientific discourses. In so doing, they aim to foster … Continue reading
  • Newsletter out now
    Dear NSU community, In case you have not received the newest newsletters, please read it here. And don’t forget to sign up for the NSU newsletter: This newsletter contains the following information: Information on a special opportunity to apply for three one-year study programs (2 symposia) – deadline 5 January 2022 Good news on successful grant applications for NSU Information Call for Study Circle proposals 2023-2025 Join in the work of NSU! Join a working group News from the Board … Continue reading
  • Happy Funding News!
    We are happy to convey the fantastic news that NSU has received yet another grant, this time from the Swedish Kungliga Vitterhetsakademien! This makes it possible for NSU to add further ad hoc circles and continue offering traveling grants and scholarships. It will also make it possible for us to continue developing on ideas for new funding strategies, as well as hopefully reaching new NSU members. In addition, it feels great to know that there are funders who are willing to … Continue reading
  • Grant from Swedish Academy
    Today we received some great news. The Swedish Academy (Svenska akademin) has confirmed they offer the Nordic Summer University (NSU) a grant for the year 2022. This grant will cover some of the costs towards the activities of the Nordic Summer University: the winter symposia and the summer session that combines several symposia. It will mostly go to the grant and scholarship program that is a core element of NSU: to realize our goal of making sure people with less economic … Continue reading
  • Nordic Feminism Reconsidered – paper published about NSU by Valgerður Pálmadóttir & Johanna Sjöstedt
    The Nordic Summer University started in 1950, as a place where people from different backgrounds could meet to explore new fields of interest. Valgerður Pálmadóttir & Johanna Sjöstedt, two coordinators of the NSU study circle on Feminist Philosophy; Time, history and the Transformation of Thought (that ran from 2017 to 2019), have researched the platform NSU provided for the development of women’s research. Nordic Feminism Reconsidered: Activism, Scholarly Endeavours and Women’s Research Networks at the Nordic Summer University 1971–1990 Abstract:In this … Continue reading
  • General Assembly 2021 – are you a delegate?
    Dear members and friends of the Nordic Summer University!! What is a General Assembly? And why go to all that trouble? Why would I be interested? What can I expect when I become a delegate? Why is it important to be(come) a delegate? (And: YES! Where do I sign up?!!) What is a General Assembly? The Nordic Summer University started in 1950, and up to this day has been a self-organising, mostly hierarchical organisation. There are coordinators for each study circle … Continue reading
  • NSU October “Summer” Session Information!
    Dear friends and members of the Nordic Summer University, Summer is almost over, but the Summer Session of the Nordic Summer University is about to start! During the whole month of October, things will be happening (mostly online). Several symposia organised by the different study circles will take place, keynote lecture by Silvia Federici, and… of course also the General Assembly of the Nordic Summer University. (For dates and details… see the list below.) Please invite friends, colleagues, those people you’ve … Continue reading
  • Grant from Nordplus Horizontal
    The Nordic Summer University has received a Nordplus Horizontal grant of 33.000 € for the project “The Nordic Summer University: Sharing and Developing Experience of 70 Years of Democratic Education”. We are looking forward to meeting in person again in Winter/Spring 2022 and are looking forward to interesting discussions and an exciting NSU Winter Symposia 2022. The Nordic Summer University is an organisation led by volunteers. Each study circle is led by two or three leaders in their respective fields, who … Continue reading
  • 2020 Annual report
    Dear friends, We’re pleased to let you know that the 2020 NSU Annual Report, plus the Financial Annual Report, can now be found on the website: Despite the worldwide crisis, NSU has had a wonderful year, connecting to a lot of new and old participants. Almost all circles were able to continue its work, and the Board would like to thank all the participants, coordinators and other volunteers for their continued support and work to make NSU into the space … Continue reading