Study Circles Coordinators

Study Circles Coordinators

Activities in Nordic Summer Unuversity (NSU) revolve around thematic Study Circles that run during a three-year cycle. Each circle has two or three coordinators who are responsible for organising the symposia. The Study Circles generate the academic content of NSU.

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Present Coordinators 2023–2024:

Circle 1: Place of Heritage in Interdisciplinarity

Alina Kalachova
Coordinator Study Circle 1
Elena Bogdanova
Coordinator Study Circle 1

Circle 2: Tactical arts, theory and tékhnē: Agency, bios and aesthetics

Eric Deibel
Coordinator Study Circle 2


Palle Dahlstedt
Coordinator Study Circle 2


Maru Mushtrieva
Coordinator Study Circle 2


Circle 3: The Praxis of Social Imaginaries. Cosmologies, Othering and Liminality

Laura Hellsten
Coordinator Study Circle 3



Lindsey Drury
Coordinator Study Circle 3


Circle 4: An/Other\not-I/(m)\Other in Feminist Philosophy

Carol Stampone
Coordinator Study Circle 4
Nicole des Bouvrie
Coordinator Study Circle 4
Emilia Plichta
Coordinator Study Circle 4

Circle 7: The Experiential in Artistic Practice and Research: Methods, Knowledges and Reflective Processes

Heidi Seppälä
Coordinator Study Circle 7

Heidi Seppälä is a dancer, choreographer, dance researcher and pedagogue. 

Born in Finland in 1987 but since lived in 10 countries around the world, Heidi’s artistic work is rooted in multiculturalism and explores the complexities of freedom and imprisonment in both mental as well as societal level. 

Heidi holds a BA in dance pedagogue (Tartu University 2009), BA Dance Theatre (London 2012) and MA in dance anthropology (2019). She is currently a student of Uni-arts Helsinki’s pedagogical studies for teachers in the arts, and runs a new international initiative for de-colonising the art of dance.

Marina Velez Vago
Coordinator Study Circle 7

Dr Marina Velez Vago is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher based in Cambridge. UK. She was born in Argentina, lived in Spain, The Netherlands and the UK and travelled extensively. 

Marina is the founder and organiser of Cambridge Sustainability Residency  and the founder and curator of Sustainability Art Prize at Cambridge School of Art. 

Marina has co-edited two books about art and sustainability, MILK. and ROAR. She is a member of the Dalvazza Group at the Swiss Artistic Research Network and a member of the British Art Network. 

Marina holds a BA, a Masters and a Ph. D.  in Fine Arts and she lectures at Norwich University of the Arts and the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral research title is ‘Exploring value, meaning and worth through five art projects in rural Spain’.

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