Study Circles

Study Circles

Activities in Nordic Summer University (NSU) revolve around thematic study circles that meet twice a year in winter/spring and summer. NSU study circles explore widely diverse topics within the arts and humanities, natural and social sciences and provide a cross-disciplinary forum for debating topics that are not already established in universities, thereby contributing to the initiation of new research agendas and alternative perspectives.

During the winter/spring, in their respective locations throughout the Nordic and Baltic region, each circle holds a three-day symposium. During one week in the summer all of the circles hold their symposia at a shared location, which offers additional possibilities for cross-fertilisation, to share and be in dialogue with participants research. NSU study circles offer a rare environment for critique and exchange consisting of returning members and a constant influx of new participants. This dynamic enables circle members to follow a consistent working process over time, while also benefiting from interaction with and input from new participants.

NSU offers ECTS credits to students who participate in a symposium. You can become part of NSU by contacting the coordinators of the study circle you are interested in joining and by subscribing to the newsletter.

Current three-year Study Circles:

  1. Place of Heritage in Interdisciplinarity (2023-2025)
  2. Tactical Arts, Theory and Tékhnē: Agency, Bios and Aesthetics (2023-2025)
  3. The Praxis of Social Imaginaries. Cosmologies, Othering and Liminality (2023-2025)
  4. An/Other\not-I/(m)\Other in Feminist Philosophy (2024-2026)
  5. The Experiential in Artistic Practice and Research: Methods, Knowledges and Reflective Processes (2022-2024)

Current one-year Study Circles:

  1. Circle A: The Creation of a Free Scientists’ Movement in the Nordic Countries
  2. Circle B: City / Energy Relations in Transformation.
  3. Circle D: Education for sustainable living.
  4. Circle E: Feminist intersectional pedagogies.
  5. Circle G: Sustainability, ethics, and the environment.

Archive of previous study circles can be found here.

Anyone can make a proposal for a three-year study circle cycle. In addition to regular three-year study circles, NSU welcomes short-term proposals (one-year circles) as a way to open the organization to new influences and participants. Subjects of study are based on proposals that go through community review process and must be accepted by the General Assembly of the NSU.

Current open calls:

  • Call for Project Proposals (Deadlines: 30 April and 30 July 2024). Details are available on the page of the call.

Previous calls for study circles (as an example):

Answers on frequently asked questions are to be found on the support pages.

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