Previous Study Circles (Archive)

Patterns of Dysfunction in Contemporary Democracies; Impact on Human Rights and Governance (2018-2020)

Critique in the Age of Populism (2018-2020)

Learning and Bildung in Times of Globalisation (2018-2020)

Understanding Migration in Nordic and Baltic Countries (2017-2019)

Narrative and Memory: Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics (2017-2019)

Feminist Philosophy: Time, History and the Transformation of Thought (2017-2019)

Appearances of the Political (2016-2018)

Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research (2016-2018)

Comparative Futurologies (2015-2017)

Appropriating Science and Technology for Societal Change (2015-2017)

Human rights and International Relations (2015-2017)

Transformations in welfare in the Nordic countries (2014-2016)

Psychoanalysis in Our Time (2014-2016)

Crisis and Crisis Scenarios: Normativity, Possibilities and Dilemma (2014-2016)

Heterologies of the Everyday (2013-2015)

Crossing Contexts: interventions through artistic research (2013-2015)

Exploring Affect (2013-2015)

Ad hoc

Ad hoc. Feminist Philosophy 2016

Ad hoc. Learning and Bildung in the time of globalization 2017

Ad hoc. Writing Movement 2017

Ad hoc. Psychoanalysis and the Symptom 2017

Ad hoc. What is critique? 2017

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