Archive of Previous Study Circles

Archive of Previous Study Circles

Experiencing Liminal Space: An Endeavour within Feminist Philosophy (2023)

Political Myths and Critique in the Age of Post-Truth (2023)

Racialization, Whiteness and Politics of Othering in Contemporary Europe (2021-2023)

Nordic Environmental Ethics (2021-2023)

Futures of Education, Cultural Diversity, Imaginations and Collective Transformations in  Time of the Anthropocene (2021-2023)

Human-Technology Futures: Making Art, Doing Theory, Shaking Things Up (2022)

Decolonizing Social Work (2022)

Art and Creative Practices as a Tool to Interpret, Redefine and Appropriate Heritage of the Nordic-Baltic Regions (2022)

Environmental Aesthetics and Space Based Ethics of Care (2022)

Hospitality and Solidarity: Feminist Philosophy in Thought, History and Action (2020-2022)

Urban Studies: Between Creativity and Power (2020-2022)

Narrative and Violence (2020-2022)

Comics and Society: Research, Art, and Cultural Politics (2019-2021)

Artistic Research | Performing Heterotopia (2019-2021)

Cybioses: Shaping Human-Technology Futures (2019-2021)

Patterns of Dysfunction in Contemporary Democracies; Impact on Human Rights and Governance (2018-2020)

Critique in the Age of Populism (2018-2020)

Learning and Bildung in Times of Globalisation (2018-2020)

Understanding Migration in Nordic and Baltic Countries (2017-2019)

Narrative and Memory: Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics (2017-2019)

Feminist Philosophy: Time, History and the Transformation of Thought (2017-2019)

Appearances of the Political (2016-2018)

Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research (2016-2018)

Comparative Futurologies (2015-2017)

Appropriating Science and Technology for Societal Change (2015-2017)

Human rights and International Relations (2015-2017)

Transformations in welfare in the Nordic countries (2014-2016)

Psychoanalysis in Our Time (2014-2016)

Crisis and Crisis Scenarios: Normativity, Possibilities and Dilemma (2014-2016)

Heterologies of the Everyday (2013-2015)

Crossing Contexts: interventions through artistic research (2013-2015)

Exploring Affect (2013-2015)

Ad hoc (one-year projects)

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