Study Circle | Understanding Migration in Nordic and Baltic Countries

Symposium Theme | Justice Across Borders: Ethics and Human Movement

Dates | February 24-26, 2017

Venue | Wrocław University, Poland

Address | Uniwersytecka 7-10, building D, second floor, Room 2.04


Friday, February 24th

12:30-13:30: Official reception at Wrocław University (optional)

13:30-14:00: Welcome & Registration

14:00-14:30: Introduction

14:30-15:15: Eyrún Eyþórsdóttir (Iceland). Hate crimes in the Reykjavik area.

15:15-15:30: Przerwa na kawę

15:30-16:15: Marcin Janusz (Poland). Housing situation in Poland as determinant for migration.

16:15-17:00: Joanna Machnis (Poland). Return Migration of Higher Educated Poles in Times of Economic Crisis.

17:00-17:45: Visiting other circles

Circle 2, room 2.02: Max Ryynänen (Finland) The Material Culture of Resistance Culture. An Aesthetic Point of View.

Circle 5, room 2.05: Athanasia Petropoulou (France) On the margins of citizenship: refugee crisis and the transformation of identities in Europe.

After 17:45: Hotel check-in

19:15: Dinner with other circles

Saturday, February 25th

9:00-9:45: Reflection

9:45-10:30: Tiina Määttä (Finland). Challenging the cultural competency approach in social work.

10:30-10:45: Przerwa na kawę

10:45-11:30: Giedrė Blažytė (Lithuania). Family migration to Lithuania: social adaptation challenges and opportunities.

11:30-12:15: Sandra Oliveira e Costa (Sweden). “We also run a language café” – Understanding the dynamics between a newly arrived workforce and companies in the urban development sector.

12:15:13:30: Lunch

13:30-14:30: Common activities with other circles

14:30-15:15: Visiting other circles

Circle 2, room 2.02: Sharing experiences.

Circle 5, room 2.05: Aleksandra Spychalska (Poland). Raphael Lemkin’s remarks on the problem of minorities and genocide.

Circle 8, room 2.03: Luke Willett (UK). Northanhymbre – The Kingdom of Northumbria.

15:15-15:30: Przerwa na kawę

15:30-16:15: Linda Sólveigar Guðmundsdóttir (Iceland). Queer migration in Iceland.

16:15-17:00: Hjördis Rut Sigurjónsdóttir (Sweden). From Migrants to workers.

17:00-17:45: Milena J. Kalczyńska (Poland). Iceland-Placed People. The roles of Polish immigrants living in Iceland.

19:15: Festive Dinner

Sunday, February 26th

9:00-9:30: Reflection

9:45-10:30: Gro Hellesdater Jacobsen (Denmark). State of exception? Refugee and minority policies in Denmark.

10:30-10:45: Przerwa na kawę

10:45-11:30: Concluding discussions, Summer session & Evaluation

11:30-12:15: Walking in Wrocław

12:15:13:30: Lunch & Farewell

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