What can be reclaimed as travel cost?

What is a ‘Receipt’?

When a Study Circle closes, how is the Circle’s webpage and associated materials/documents on the NSU website archived?

The NSU Web Editor is responsible for moving the Circle’s material to the Archival Section.

Note. Circles continuing with new emphases, under a broad theme (such as, for instance, ‘Artistic Research’) may wish to archive locally their old Circle’s activities. See, for example: http://nordic.university/study-circles/7-artistic-research-performing-heterotopia/circle-7-previous/

In such a case, the Web Editor can assist.

How can I receive ECTS credit for participating in an NSU symposium?

During summer sessions, it is possible to receive 2 ECTS credit points for participation, and 3 ECTS credit points for giving a lecture.

The Coordinators for each Circle are responsible for providing certificates for this. Please be aware that not all universities may accept ECTS given out by NSU. The acceptance is always dependent on the university/institution of the student.

If you are a Coordinator, here you can find the forms for certificates here.

How does NSU work throughout a year?

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