When you are a participant in a winter symposium you can get a refund of some of your travel expenses by sending in a form to your coordinator (see below).

As a coordinator you will get a refund for your travel expenses by sending in the form to the NSU economical administration.

If you are a leader for the children circle, part of the arrkom, or in the board at the summer session you will likewise get a refund for your travel expenses by sending in the form to the NSU economical administration.

When travelling with NSU, the following Spending and Reimbursement Policy applies: NSU Spending and Reimbursement Policy– FINAL (6.3.2019).pdf

Travel Receipts

Before filling out the form, please read the information page on what constitutes as a ‘proper receipt’. Please be aware that for travel receipts, the following information needs to be present. If not all this information is on the receipt, please also attach the actual ticket or boarding pass!

Info needed on travel receipt:

  • type of ticket (like destination etc)
  • name of the person who is travelling
  • price of the ticket

And please take a picture of the receipt on a white background! It is possible to write a number on the ticket that refers to the line on the form, before taking a picture. The free app ‘Genius Scan‘ can be used to do this easily with your phone.

Travel by Car

When you travel using your own car, please check the Spending and Reimbursement Policy so that you conform to the spending policy of NSU: NSU Spending and Reimbursement Policy– FINAL (6.3.2019).pdf

Please attach to your form an itinerary from for instance Google Maps that shows the calculation of the kilometers you want to be reimbursed for.

Travel Form

Here you can download the form in English [Word] travel form
Either you can send the printed form together with all relevant receipts, or other types of verification of payment for your travel. Or you can scan all the relevant documents and send in by email.

  • Participant: Send the package to your coordinator, by email if scanned or ordinary mail or hand it over if there are papers. Remember that there might be restrictions on the duration of handing in the form for expenses. Beyond the deadline there is no way to get your refund.
  • If you are part of the board or a coordinator, part of arrkom, leader of the children etc, send your travel expense form to or to your contact person in arrkom.


Coordinators: you can use this link to send your participants the offer to get money back for their travels.

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