Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

In the regional meeting at the Summer Session one representative from each region is appointed to the Nominating Committee. The committee is responsible for finding candidates for the following year’s board. This requires the Nominating Committee members to act out an important part of NSU’s organisation, safeguarding the stability of the organisation. The members propose a full new board to the General Assembly, who then can choose to accept that recommendation or propose an alternative.

Resources include Guidelines for the Nominating Committee, created by the Board in May 2019, and Board self evaluation form.


Lara Hoffmann (Iceland)
Hild Borchgrevink (Norway)
Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen (Denmark)
Emilia Plichta (Finland)
Irma Budginaite Mackine (Lithuania)
Lucy Lyons (UK)


Valgerður Pálmadóttir (Iceland)
Stephanie Hanna (International)
Ulkar Aghayeva (Finland)
Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen (Denmark)
Irma Budginaitė-Mačkinė (Baltic)
Johan Söderberg (Sweden)


Anne Haglind (Sverige)
Katrín Pálmadóttir (Vest-Nordiska)
Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen (Danmark)
Synne Myreböe (Norge)
Warren Enström (Internationella)
Laine Kristberga (Baltiska)
Milka Njoroge (Finland)


Synne Myrebøe (Norge)
Katrín Pálmadóttir (Island)
Johan Söderberg (Sverige)
Jesper Garsdal (Danmark)
… (Baltiska)
Anssi Hynynen (Finland)
Nicole des Bouvrie (Internationella)


Synne Myrebøe (Norge)
Valgerður Pálmadóttir (Island)
Johan Söderberg (Sverige)
Erik Bendtsen (Danmark)
Margus Vihalem (Baltiska)
Noora-Helena Korpelainen (Finland)
Joanna Sperryn Jones (Internationella)


Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen (Norge)
Jutta Vikman (Finland)
Lars Erslev Andersen (Danmark)
Johan Söderberg (Sverige)
Águst Þór Árnason (Island)
Gytis Valatka (Baltiska)
Luise Greenfield (Internationella)


Kirstine Tiili (Norge)
Alexandra Litaker (Island)
Jutta Vikman (Finland)
Johan Söderberg (Sverige)
Margus Vihalem (Baltiska)
Luisa Greenfield (Internationella)
Mogens Chrom Jakobsen (Danmark)

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