The Board is NSU’s executive body. It consists of members distributed among the Nordic, Baltic and International representation of countries. A president is selected from the members of the board who is responsible in general for NSU. The president calls for board meetings as standard four times a year. Protocols or minutes from board meetings are made publicly and can be found at >>Google Drive.

Dates for meetings and e.g. deadlines for applications can be found in the Calendar.

Board 2020

[nsuboard year=”2020″]

Deputies 2020

[nsudeputy year=”2020″]

Board 2019

[nsuboard year=”2019″]

Deputies 2019

[nsudeputy year=”2019″]

Board 2018

[nsuboard year=”2018″]

Deputies 2018

[nsudeputy year=”2018″]

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