Comparative Futurologies – Study Circle 2015-2017

In this study circle we want to investigate and discuss different perspectives on the future. These perspectives include understandings of scientific futures, cultural imaginations of futures, and artistic productions of future. We believe that comparing these different perspectives will unearth original, cross-disciplinary approaches to future thinking. For this to succeed, multiple scholarly backgrounds are desirable (from cultural studies, natural sciences, engineering, biotech etc. in addition to artistic productions of future such as e.g. sci-fi).

Our focus on the term ‘futurologies’ is due to the plurality of the possible, probable, and preferable futures we may experience. We want to investigate the nuances of these distinct paths both with the existing research tools and methods and by working towards creating our own set of ideas and practices in this space. Thus, when we use the plural ‘futurologies’, we are not only opening the field towards the subject of futurology itself, but are destabilising the categories and making it accessible to several methods and theories.


Call for papers – Summer Session 2016

Final Program Winter Symposium 2016

Final program Winter Symposium in Wroclaw, 24-26 February 2017

Summer Session 2017 Circle 8, Final Programme


Anssi Hynynen (Finland)
Coordinator Study Circle 8
anssi.hynynen [at]
Study Circle 8: Beyond the Utopia

Lars Ylander (Denmark)
Coordinator Study Circle 8
thegardenoflove [at]
Study Circle 8: Beyond the Utopia