Winter Symposium 2020 – Program

Winter Symposium 2020 – Program

Foundations of a critique to come

Nordic Summer university together with Department of Society and Business, Roskilde University.

20th. – 22ed. March, 2020 Roskilde University, Roskilde, Denmark.

Venue at Byens Hus, Stændertorvet 1, 4000 Roskilde


Friday 20th

12-12.30: Lunch

12.30 Welcome

13-14.30 Key note: Rebecca Adler Nissen: ”Exploring Digital Disinformation”

14.30-15 Coffee

15-16.30 Panel 1: The crisis of critic

  • Asger Sørensen: Critique, not Criticism. Emphasizing Argument, Theory and Truth.
  • Johan Söderberg Post-truth: The Return of ideology Critique.
  • Torben Bech Dyrberg: The radical Left and Islamic radicalism: Four types of leftist critique

16-30-17.30 Panel 2: Genealogy as critic

  • Gorm Harste: Dialectics of Absolutism between History and Evolution: Genealogy as Critique of modern decision-making premises
  • Victor Pressfeldt: Critiquing neoliberal critique of Democracy: Explaining neoliberal re-definitions of Democracy in Sweden 1990-2000

18.30 Dinner

Saturday 21st

9-10.00 Panel 3: Critic beyond Frankfurt

  • Mikael Carleheden: Is critical theory in need of being decolonized?
  • Carl Cassegård: Negative totality and the possibility of critique: Experience as a fulcrum of critique in Marx and Adorno

10-11-30: Keynote: Steve Fuller

11.30-12.30 Lunch

12.30-14.00: Panel 4: Foundations of critique

  • Anders Ramsay: The idea of an emancipatory knowledge interest. 
  • Allan Dreyer Hansen: Critique as intervention
  • Øjvind Larsen: Habermas’ Auch eine Geschichte der Philosophie: The Significance of Christianity for the genealogical reconstruction of Post-metaphysical Thinking.

14.00-14.30: Coffee

14.30-16.00 Keynote: Jason Glynos

16-17.30: Panel 5: Pathway for a critique to come

  • Ula Nikolaja Ratajec: Discussing Apoliticism: The Role of Contemporary Sociological Critique in Tackling Apoliticism
  • Karolina Enquist Källgren Work against action: on the critical potential of the concept of labor
  • Anna Engstam: Rethinking Perspective Taking and Perspective Synthetization: Towards a Feminist, Post-Ethnomethodological Reconstruction of Discourse Ethics

17.30-18 Open debate, summarizing the day…

19.00 Dinner

Sunday 22ed

9-10.30: Panel 5: Critique and the study of social reality

  • Jacob Dahl Rendtorff: The Critical Turn of Critical Theory
  • Kristoffer Kropp & Anton Grau Larsen: Changing the topics: The social sciences in EU funded research projects
  • John Storm Pedersen: Relationshipism and dataism within the digital welfare state how to establish a dialogue between data-analysts and public service semi-professionals to improve the citizens welfare?

10.30-11 Coffee

11-12 Panel 6: Description as foundations of critique

  • Johanna Sjöstedt: What can descriptions do? Beauvoir and critique in The Second Sex.
  • Maria Rehling Refer: Painted sliders – a source to understand the self-understanding of the citizens in the class-divided society of the first half of 19th century.

12.00-12.30: Closure and information on upcoming Summer Session

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