Crossing Contexts: interventions through artistic research – Study Circle 2013-2015

Crossing Contexts: interventions through artistic research – Study Circle 2013-2015

This study circle deals with collaboration and cross-fertilization of methodologies with an emphasis on interventions.

Intervention reflects the need to explore cultures of collaboration that question the politics of research. We aim to accomplish this by providing a space for theoretical and artistic experimentation, and to share and develop methodological insights that will be incorporated into further research.

People invited to participate include artist-researchers, curators, and theoreticians from both practical and academic arts-related fields who share an interest in cross-disciplinary contexts with openness to experimentation.

The aim is to generate work between participants working across different artistic and academic disciplines that create interventions into other wider interdisciplinary fields and contexts. The intention is that further research, collaborations and interventions will have the opportunity to be tested and discussed within the space provided by the circle.

Outcomes will focus on the generation and development of new ideas, new methodologies and new research projects that operate in spaces and contexts beyond the circle. These might include performances, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, films and articles etc. that continue to grow across other contexts and spaces. These could be physical, academic, artistic, political, social and virtual spaces.

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