Final Programme, Winter Symposium 2016

Final Programme, Winter Symposium 2016

Final programme

Future Shocks?

Comparative Futurologies’ Winter Symposium 2016

26-28 February 2016

University of Copenhagen, Amager (KUA), Denmark


Anssi Hynynen: Tomorrow in Mouseton and Duckburg: Floyd Gottfredson, Carl Barks, and the Future

Charlotte Fabricius: “I can’t prevent the future. To me, It‘s already happening.” – Apocalypse, time and the archive in Watchmen

Erik Steinskog: Future Shock – Soul vs. Post-Soul

Aleksandra Bartosik: Synthetic Biology in drug discovery and development – “What I cannot create, I do not understand

Jesper Jørgensen: The mind of tomorrow – Can Neuroscience contribute to an understanding of future thinking?

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen: Bio-hacking, Gyne-punk and Techno Post-porn… The Rise of a Revised (Queer) Cyberfeminism?

Niclas Hundahl: Specters of Bond – On past ghosts and future hauntings in Spectre (2015)

Troels Degn Johansson: Futurities in Contemporary Design Research

Claus Krogholm: Who Killed the World? – Apocalypse and Utopia in George Miller’s Mad Max

Ida Bencke: Therolinguistics and Nonhuman Narration: on (Bio)Poetic Experiments with Multispecies Storytellings

Lars Ylander: Religious future shock mitigation – welcome to the church of femi-cosmo-natural transhumanism (We are one! – so far)

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WS Circle 8, Final programme

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