Riga 2016 Schedule – Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research

How does artistic research transform society? 

at Eduarda Smiļģa Teātra Muzejs, E. Smiļģa ielā 37/39

and at Zirgu Pasts, Latvian Academy of Culture/Latviljas Kultῡras Akadēmija, Dzirnavu iela 46, Riga.

The schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, March 17th late afternoon, 2016


Friday, March 18th – Eduarda Smiļģa Teātra Muzejs, E. Smiļģa ielā 37/39

8:00 We meet in the reception to walk together to take the bus from Gertrudes Iela to E. Smiļģa ielā 37/39

9:00 Registration atEduarda Smiļģa Teātra Muzejs/Theatre Museum

9:30 Welcome to NSU

9:40 Introduction of participants

11:00 C O F F E E

11:30 Sezen Tonguz – Transformative power of public space as artistic venue

12:00 Sam Skinner – Imagining the material community

12:30 Elina Saloranta –Window as a film screen: a rehearsal for an epilogue 

13:00 L U N C H

14:30 Wanda Zyborska –Scarred aged skin and material body: ageing as transformation and becoming

15:00 Jon Irigoyen – Working the community: transforming the society though art practice

15:30 Ami Skanberg Dahlstedt – Suriashi Intervention

16:00 C O F F E E

16:30 Joanna Sperryn Jones & Craig Newsom – ABC: Association of Blackburn Colleges, UK & USA

17:00 Jaana Kokko – The notion of political space

17:30 Zane Radzobe, Dmitrijs Petrenko & Janis Balodis – Performing the break: The Last Pioneer in the context of Latvian society and Theatre

*D I N N E R (not provided by NSU)


20:00 Monique Wernhamn & Henrik Andersson – The misunderstood geniuses get help from the community to customize an extraordinary performance

20:30 Erica Böhr – Totem

21:00 Olga Zithluhina and students from the Latvian Academy of Culture

Saturday, March 19 at Zirgu Pasts, Latvian Academy of Culture/Latviljas Kultῡras Akadēmija, Dzirnavu iela 46

9:30 Questions from the previous day & discussion

10:30 Nathalie Fari – Translating spaces: the body as translator at the emergence of on-site performances

11:00 Anthony Luvera – Who Empowers Whom? Community, Participation, and Reciprocity in socially-engaged photographic practice

11:30  C O F F E E

12:00 Wiktoria Furrer & Spicy Curatorial Practices Collective – Donate to Curate or the art of micropractice

12:30 Alexandra Litaker – Material transformations

13:00 L U N C H

14:30  Disa Kamula – The non  economic value of Artistic Research 

15:00 Lisbeth Sandvall – Narrative drawing debts and strategies: a project about research methods and ways of conveying research results to a wider public

P A R A L L E L   S E S S I O N S   

Room 212

15:30 Jo Neil – Observation/Transformation/Translation


15:30 Rafael Dernbach & Ragnhild Freng Dale – Decolonizing the future: science fiction as speculative, transformational and ethnographic practice

16:00 C O F F E E

Room 212

16:30 Gemma Meek &Jo Darnley – “Woman’s Outlook” past, present, future, rip, mark, stick, create, multi- vocal image making


16:30 Luisa Greenfield – Biological wisdom and social transformation: a collective exploration

Room 212

17:00 Beatriz Loranzo – Contemplation as artistic experience


17:00 Per Roar – Transformative practice: observations from transformative process in a community of practice


Sunday, March 20 at Zirgu Pasts, Latvian Academy of Culture/Latviljas Kultῡras Akadēmija, Dzirnavu iela 46

9:00 Questions from the previous day & discussion

10:00 Catherine Dormor – The Seamstress and the Traveller: art practice as generous encounter

10:30 Stephanie Hanna – The wise and the ways

11:00 C O F F E E

11:30 Ginta Zabarovska – Re-building jewellery art: the possibilities of transforming jewellery art teaching methods

12:00 Group discussion and close of symposium

*D E P A R T U R E 

*Please note, dinner on Friday night and lunch on Sunday will not be provided by NSU