Psychoanalysis in Our Time – Study Circle 2014-2016

Psychoanalysis in Our Time – Study Circle 2014-2016

This new circle builds on the work of the existing circle Psychoanalysis and Politics, but attempts to broaden its remit to transdisciplinary interrogations of culture, science and society. These meetings will create a space for dialogues between clinicians, theorists and practitioners of different fields, including art, theatre, film and literature.

Psychoanalysis as a body of knowledge is currently itself the subject of further interrogation. We will look into its usefulness in the current neo-liberal world. What could for example the relationship be between violence that sometimes erupts, the unconscious and culture? These questions are particularly relevant in the Nordic countries today, post the 2011 shock by the Andre Breivik massacre. Since that atrocity there have been unfortunately newer cases of racism and terrorist attempts perpetrated by Nordic nationalists. We will try to interrogate these phenomena in creative ways, using psychoanalysis.

In the recent statements on the state of psychoanalysis, Professor Stephen Frosh of Birkbeck College, University of London, has framed the issues as follows: “The question is an old one: what should we do with psychoanalysis? Its command of the psychotherapeutic field has long faded. Postcolonialists see its colonising roots and practices; feminists its unreconstructed recourse to normativity. (…) Social theorists play with its terms, but largely pass it by. Yet we soldier on with it, resurrecting its corpse, many of us incorrigibly attached to it. Why?”

CFP Psychoanalysis in Our Time 2016 – Psychoanalysis and Femininity

2nd CFP

Summer Session 2016 – Call for Papers

CFP Psychoanalysis in Our Time 2016 – Psychoanalysis and Sublimation SS


Agnieszka Piotrowska(United Kingdom)
Coordinator Study Circle 4
agnieszka.rivercourt [at]

Ben Tyrer(United Kingdom)
Board member International 2017-2018, Deputy International 2019
ben.tyrer [at]

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