Program Summer 2018 | Understanding Migration in Nordic and Baltic Countries

Symposium Theme | Representing migration

Dates | July 29 – August 5, 2018

Location | Fårö, Sweden

Olena Nedozhogina | Symbolic boundaries and the media use of the Russian speakers in Ukraine

Anna Wojtyńska Doing research among fellow migrants: Reflections on the methodology

Heidi Erbsen Breaking News! and its Representation of Inclusion

Sepideh Rahaa |From Female Body, Identity and Representation to the Contemporary Art: Case study Middle-Eastern women and girls who live Finland

Lara Wilhelmine Hoffmann Representing Migration through Multilingual Art in Iceland

Nikita Lumijõe Transnationalism and attitudinal integration: Russian-speaking youth and Estonian Security and Defence policy

Darcy Alexandra | Where are the Happy Stories? Migrant Representations of Ireland