Manifesto of Appearances of the Political

Manifesto of Appearances of the Political

Manifesto of Appearances of the Political.

This is a community dedicated to search for and sharing of knowledge.

The community is for investigating into how the political appears in our society today to acquire better understanding of the societies we live and participate in through analysis, critique and action.

Engaging in and influencing the environment is a fundamental motivation behind the community.

Neither research nor knowledge is defined within institutional frames. We want to investigate and exchange knowledge in any form, any direction, any way appropriate for learning about the matters.

The community is indebted to and finds its legacy in traditions of free thinking from 18th century Enlightenment and Humboldt’s ideas of universities. The quest for knowledge is free and without compromises before any possible use.


The community is independent of current research political agendas. Activities should not be defined by political or institutional limitations; however there are no limits to form of collaboration with any partners, public or private, which can be for the interest of individual participants and groupings.

The community is based on a set of values:

  • Inclusiveness. Anyone showing interest in the community and respecting the values are invited. The value of participation is judged solely by the community and not by any institutional criteria.
  • Democracy. The community has no leadership and is self-governing. Any decisions affecting more participants must be made in open forum based on transparent process. All opinions brought forward must be respectfully heard and common decisions made with respect for minority opinions.
  • Respect. Everyone must respect other participants as equal contributors. Sharing knowledge is the primary idea, and everyone must listen and respond accordingly. Any form of ‘present and defend’, career promotion and similar self-promotion is banned.
  • Activism. The community is based on the activities of the participants and will develop accordingly due to initiatives made.

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