Scholarship and Grant Program: Information for Coordinators and ARRKOM

Scholarship and Grant Program: Information for Coordinators and ARRKOM

Updated: March 2019.

NSU Scholarship and Grant Program: Overview

The Scholarship and Grant program (S/G) exists to help cover the costs for potential participants in the NSU Summer Session, who would not otherwise have funding to participate. NSU’s West-Nordic and Baltic Scholarship program will also provide travel support for at least 2 selected participants from both regions (2 from the West-Nordic, 2 from the Baltic). It is the responsibility of the coordinators to inform potential participants of this program, e.g. through the CFP.

The eligibility for the S/G program is governed by set criteria (e.g. students, freelancers, independent researchers) which are set out here:

Applicants submit their applications directly to the coordinators alongside their abstract for the Summer Session. Coordinators approve or reject applications according to the criteria.

In the first application window, there is a set number of available S/G per circle every year. The number may vary according to the funding and costs of the Summer Session, and will be announced in the Newsletter.

After the CFP closes (May 1st), coordinators make a list of all eligible applicants and another list of all ineligible applicants to send to ARRKOM. If a circle has more eligible applicants than there are S/G available, the coordinators need to make a prioritised list. This is done at the discretion of the coordinators but should prioritise those who best fulfill the criteria or would otherwise make a distinct contribution to the study circle.

After receiving the prioritised lists of applicants from all study circles, ARRKOM approves the names put forward and informs the approved recipients (CCing the coordinators), as well as informing those whose applications were not eligible. If there are fewer applicants for some study circles, the remaining S/G will be redistributed to applicants from other circles by ARRKOM.  If there are more eligible applicants than S/G available, any remaining applicants will be placed on a “waiting list”.

Those who are granted a S/G will have to confirm their acceptance within the deadline set for them. If they fail to do so, the S/G may be reassigned to the next person on the waiting list.   

If, after the first window, all eligible applicants have received funding, and there are still means available, NSU will open for an extra call for new applications. Applicants apply directly to coordinators as before, but in this second window there is no guaranteed number of S/G for each circle. Coordinators forward a prioritised list of approved applications to ARRKOM, who distribute the remaining S/G.

Application Process

Below is a summary of dates and actions, followed by a detailed overview of the different stages. Coordinators should be aware that the windows for accepting the S/G, registering and paying for the Summer Session is very small and strict, and should make this clear to applicants.

Dates & Actions 2019

1 March – Announcing Scholarship and Grant (S/G) Program in NSU Newsletter #1 to open 15th of March

15 March –  Circle CFPs are published and S/G application window opens

1 April – Providing detailed information on Scholarship and Grant (S/G) Program in NSU Newsletter #2 open from 15th of March until 1st of May

1 June– S/G application window closes

5 June – Coordinators send prioritised S/G lists to ARRKOM

  • ARRKOM approves the prioritised lists and distributes any remaining S/G

7 June – ARRKOM notifies (CCing the coordinators of the relevant circle ):

  • All the grants and scholarship recipients
  • All ineligible applicants
  • All eligible applicants on waiting list

15 June – Deadline for S/G recipients to accept by registering for SS and paying

17 June – Any unclaimed S/Gs are offered to applicants on the waiting list

1 July Deadline for the waiting list S/G recipients to confirm, register for SS and pay

1 July – Absolute final day to accept the S/G by registering for the SS and paying

Detailed Overview

Note for Coordinators: the Board knows that the coordinators have the best knowledge of their participants. We therefore encourage the coordinators to use this knowledge to the best benefit of the work in their study circle when making the priority list of the applicants.

For Scholarships, the coordinators should fill in the Excel file “Scholarship priority list – for coordinators” with their prioritised list of the applicants, based on the principles mentioned above.

For Grants, the coordinators should fill in the Excel file “Grant priority list – for coordinators” with their prioritised order of the applicants, based on the principles mentioned above.

  • N.B. coordinators can immediately assign one grant to someone in their study circle who qualifies for this support.
  • Coordinators should also nominate up to two further applicants whom they consider suitable recipients for a grant from their circle.
  • The “Grant priority list – for coordinators” that is sent to ARRKOM should therefore include details of both the first applicant, who will automatically receive a grant, and the second and third applicants – whom ARRKOM will consider.
    • ARRKOM will distribute grants to the list, aiming for the best and fairest outcome for all the circles.

Coordinators should send both lists, as well as the details of any ineligible applicants, to the ARRKOM leader at by 10th May.

Applications are considered confidential, and details of applicants will only be shared between ARRKOM and the relevant coordinator(s).

ARRKOM will select the S/G recipients based on the priority lists submitted by the coordinators. Any eligible applicants who do not receive a S/G at this stage will be placed on a “waiting list”.

On 7th June, ARRKOM will notify both successful applicants and ineligible applicants for S/G (CCing the relevant coordinators).

  • ARRKOM will also inform any eligible applicants who are on the waiting list.

S/G recipients contacted by ARRKOM on 7th June must confirm their acceptance by 15th June. The recipient should reply by email to ARRKOM and the relevant coordinator(s) stating that they accept the S/G, and then confirm their acceptance by:

  • Registering for the Summer Session
  • Paying via the webshop

On 17th June, any unclaimed S/G will be offered to applicants on the waiting list. The deadline for these recipients to accept the S/G is 1st July. Again, confirmation is made by email to ARRKOM and coordinators and by paying for their Summer Session registration via webshop.

All S/G recipients will be emailed a “token” (a number or a code) which they can use when they pay for their registration through the webshop.

1st of July is the absolutely final deadline by which all participants must register and pay for the Summer Session.

All deadlines are fixed, so applicants, coordinators and ARRKOM should check their email closely around the relevant deadlines above.


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