In-kind contributions

In-kind contributions

In-kind hours worked for NSU

Download the form 2023 here.

Each year, board members, coordinators, and members of Arrkom are required to document the in-kind contribution, that is, the voluntary work, done by each member of the organizing group individually. This is an opportunity for NSU to show how much actual work goes into the organization, and to receive more recognition for it.

In the first table you find the minimum norms for working days for each meeting/event. For the meetings/events that you have participated in, enter the norm number from the first table, into the second table. The number includes both the duration of the meeting and a minimum number of preparation days. Whatever number of days you have used for preparation in addition to this, please enter in the row below for the meeting/event in question.

Events where everyone participates have different names for different people, so that the summer session is part of quarter 3 for board members, but labelled ‘summer session’ for coordinators. Arrkom days are added together into one number that includes the summer session.

In case of double roles:

The rule is that if you have been e.g. both a board member or deputy at the summer session AND a coordinator, you choose the one with the higher norm (coordinators have 11 days for summer). If you have done additional preparations for both or either roles, you enter that into separate cells in the row below.

If you have had different roles at different meetings/events during the year, you just enter it accordingly.

The form should be returned to the NSU treasurer, if nothing else is mentioned. It is very important that you return the form by given dates and it is important that you sign the form. You can either do this electronically, with an image of your signature. Or print, sign, and scan the form again. We would like to receive it in PDF form.

In-kind venues provided by external parties

For NSU it is important to provide accurate overview in the financial report of all the types of contributions used to make NSU activities possible. An important part of this are the venues provided by third parties (for instance a university). In collaboration with NSU’s main funder the Nordic Council of Ministers, our accountant and the auditors, we have the following document we would like the coordinators to provide to the treasurer & the accountant at FNF in order to show this contribution in the financial report.

Please download the document here.

You will need to ask the donor of the venues to fill it out and send it to you/us as a PDF.

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