Changing Coordinators

Changing Coordinators

Coordinators are expected to serve for the whole 3 year period of their Study Circle. However, we understand that situations change and this might not be possible in every instance. Circles may change coordinator in such circumstances.

If the replacement coordinator is known to NSU (e.g. has previously attended a Summer Session; has met with a Board member), then all you have to do is to email the Board to inform them of the changeover.

If the replacement coordinator is a new member of NSU, the Board should meet with them (usually via Skype) before they take on the role.

NSU provides an in-depth orientation session for all coordinators, once per year at the Autumn meeting (FM3). If a coordinator steps down after this meeting, it is the responsibility of the remaining coordinator to orient their new colleague. Most details of procedures, etc. can be found on the Coordinator Support Page: Intranet>Coordinators

You can also email your nominated circle contact person with questions not covered by the Support Page.

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