Ideas for Excursions (on 31 July)

Ideas for Excursions (on 31 July)

Nida, Curonian Spit (sand dunes). 2.5hrs trip to one side by public transport. Buying tickets here (Palanga → Nida).

Olando kepurė (a hill with a 24.4 m high bluff, which is in Lithuania’s Seaside Regional Park). Journey: Palanga → Klaipeda → Olando kepurė (by public transport it takes 1.5hrs). By car it takes 25 minutes. 

Klaipeda, Melnrages Molas. 30 mins by public transport. Buying tickets here

The Hill of Crosses. 3hrs trip to one side. Buying tickets here. Palanga → Šiauliai → The Hill of Crosses

Lithuanian sea museum (Lietuvos jūrų muziejus). Approx 1 hour by public transport. Palanga → Klaipeda

Vinetu village (authentic North America’s Indian village in Lithuania). 20 mins by car, 1.5hrs by public transport

Activities in Palanga: Palanga–Lithuanian Louvre, Palanga Amber Museum, Birute Park, Bridge of Palanga, The Sculpture Park, Jonas Basanavičius Street, Naglis mountain. See more details here

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