Self-evaluation report – Summer Symposium

Self-evaluation report – Summer Symposium

Summer Symposium

Date: yyyy

Location: (name of venue, city, country)


Theme: (title of the symposium)

Brief: (brief description of the topic for the symposium)

(ev. Invited speakers): (name, titles, affiliations, links)

No. of participants: X (Y men, Z women)

No. of countries: X (land 1, land 2, land 3, etc)

No. of new-comers: X

Public dissemination: (web links, press links etc)

Outcomes: Publications (title and publisher) and ev. Spin off projects (title and name of

key participants and partners)

Program: (link)

Coordinators: (name, titles, affiliations)

Concluding remarks: (the relevance of the work in a scholarly, and a Nordic/ Baltic perspective, as well as an overview of future plans)

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