Nordplus Grant Application Approved!

Nordplus Grant Application Approved!

The Nordic Summer University has received a Nordplus Horizontal grant of 50.000 € for the project “The Nordic Summer University: The Nordic Summer University: Developing self-governing and democratic practices in research and higher education”.

This project aims to develop and strengthen Nordic/Baltic anchored networks in research and higher education across disciplines, sectors, and borders. Furthermore, it is to preserve and develop a culture of self-governing in creating and evaluating research initiatives. This is practiced through participation and active citizenship within the frame of Nordic values of equality, inclusion, and sustainability combining the continental tradition of Bildung, and the Nordic heritage of folkbildning and self-organization in a contemporary understanding of these values.

The outcome of this project will be 9 symposia in five different Nordic/Baltic countries in February/March 2023. Congratulations to us all!

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