Statement on scientific and cultural collaboration in times of war

Statement on scientific and cultural collaboration in times of war

Nordic Summer University (NSU) aims to support scholars at risk and have worked for years to do so by fostering scholarly and artistic networks engaged in multidisciplinary enquiries, and to provide a space for conversations and exchange of ideas between diverse members of society.  NSU was created in the 1950s to promote peace through scientific and democratic collaboration and that is what we continue to do. Over the years our members have built strong and lasting networks with scholars and civil society in countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and the Baltics. In many cases NSU has provided an arena for debating social change, and we collaborate with individuals and institutes that promote democracy in the countries that we are working in. In the light of ongoing challenges to democracy in Europe we continue to maintain and uphold the values of equality, inclusion, sustainability and a democratic debate.

NSU is a fully voluntary organization and operates in a democratic and horizontal structure. Its members set out the main course of action during its annual General Assemblies. Elected circle coordinators then continue to shape our activities in line with the general action-plan, and in accordance with the needs and circumstances of their participants as well as the research topic. It is up to each study circle and their coordinators to decide on their participants and how to organize their symposia.

NSU values and will continue to value the diversity of nationalities and backgrounds of its members. We will continue to defend the idea that collaboration between research and civil society actors promoting democracy is essential for a sustainable peace.  

March 2022

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