Good news for Humanities in the Nordics – and NSU?

Good news for Humanities in the Nordics – and NSU?

Ever since its start in 1950, the Nordic Summer University (NSU) has brought together people from natural sciences, humanities and social science — simply because innovation in thinking and action works best when getting inspiration from beyond your own field. NSU is not a regular university in that sense, nor does it aim to be. It focusses on being a seeding ground, bringing together people from various backgrounds both in and outside of academia. To think, to experiment in thinking, and to forge collaborations that prove fruitful for very many years.

Just like the humanities, the Nordic Summer University is facing terrible cuts in funding. As an organisation run completely by volunteers, funders are very important to keep the organisation and its main activities afloat: nine different study circles with each its own interdisciplinary topic each organise two symposia per year. One during the winter months (February and March) and the nine symposia are organised collaboratively during the summer with parallel programs in one physical location to encourage collaboration and meeting between the different groups.

Unfortunately, after many years of support, the Nordic Council of Ministers has stopped all of its support to NSU in 2021. That is why NSU is actively looking for new collaborator who are interested in keeping this Nordic collaboration in business. NSU brings in a lot of networks, experience and capable people. But in order to continue our practise of supporting the unemployed, single parent researchers and people from remote areas in the Nordic and Baltic regions with scholarships and travel grants, NSU would like to find long-term collaborative partners that would like to support NSU’s mission:

“NSU’s main objectives are to support the development of emerging research initiatives and communities by fostering scholarly networks engaged in multidisciplinary enquiries, and to provide a space for conversations and exchange of ideas between diverse members of the Nordic-Baltic regions.” (source: NSU statutes)

Which is why we find it heart-warming to read that there is a new plan to support the humanities in Norway and the Nordics. NSU is looking forward to collaboration.

“The University of Oslo has presented an ambitious and unprecedented action plan for the humanities towards 2030 – the first such plan ever – in response to the Norwegian government’s call in 2017 for higher education institutions to strengthen their work with the humanities.” Source: University World News

Photo: University of Oslo, iStock
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