Announcement Summer Session 2021!

Even though the preparation for the Winter Symposia, which will all take place in February-March, are still going on, we can already let you know the following about the 2021 Summer Session!

The Board, together with the coordinators of the study circles, looked at the possibilities in connection to the pandemic situation. It is very hard to predict what the opportunities are coming summer, but it is very probable that it will be hard to travel between countries. Even if some countries allow international travel, it is very uncertain enough people would be willing to risk this and come to Norway. Also, organising a meeting with 200 people in Covid-times will be a challenge with current restrictions and precautions in place.

Therefore, we have decided the following:

The summer session will be held online from 1-7 August 2021.

AND… there will be local (physical) meetings around those dates.

More information will follow, but please keep these dates in mind. And, in case you’d be interested in helping out organising a local meeting in one of the Nordic/Baltic countries and its neighbours, please write to: so we can put you in touch with others.

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