Program of the Summer Session 2023

Program of the Summer Session 2023

There was a published schedule of activities on the page with the key organisational moments. This page describes the program of the Summer Session 2023 in details.

There are common slots for all of the circles, for example the General Assembly, Regional meetings, Program community review, Keynotes’ presentations, etc. Everyone is expected to participate in these activities. Details about every sections can be found on the page about organisation of NSU.

In the program above you will see the slots “Study circle program”. Every Circle has their own sessions and different formats which are happening at the same time. It is expected that a person contributes most to the circle they applied to but it is not prohibited to visit other circles’ activities. Build your own program that suits your interests!

Program Friday July 28

Program Saturday July 29

Program Sunday July 30

Program Tuesday August 1

Program Wednesday August 2

Nordic Summer University 2023 Study Circles:

Current Ad hoc circles (one year circles):

Are you late? Lost? Not sure what to do or where to go? Or do you simply have questions or comments regarding the organisation? Please get in touch with the Arrangement Committee

For urgent queries please contact +447577912412.

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