Manual for Arrkom

Manual for Arrkom

Overall tasks and responsibilities of Arrkom

The main function of Arrkom is to manage all the practical concerns before and during the summer session. These concerns are especially related to the site and the reception and entertainment of the participants. Arrkom’s overall tasks and responsibilities are to set and keep the framework surrounding the academic activities and facilitate for the Board and the Coordinators. With that said, there are of course some limits to what Arrkom should do. Arrkom is there to assist the members of NSU, but not to serve. All tasks that are not mentioned or listed in this text are up to the hotel staff or the participants themselves to manage.

Typically, Arrkom consists of four members. Each member is responsible for one key area respectively. The key areas include a Chair position, a Bookkeeper, a Culture Program Manager, and a Communication Manager. Here follows an outline of the assignments which every key area entails:

  • The Chair 
    • is the head of Arrkom,
    • is the main contact person of Arrkom,
    • is responsible for the grant and scholarship program,
    • is responsible for the West-Nordic and Baltic travel grant program,
    • writes the self-evaluation report after the summer session,
    • send in in-kind form to show how many hours you have worked for arrkom in September (all documents and templates are to be found at the bottom of this manual). 
  • The Bookkeeper 
    • makes a preliminary budget for the summer session that should be presented to the Board by the end of February,
    • negotiates the prices for the rooms (single, bed in double, family room, price for children, price for students and scholarship receivers) making sure that the income for the summer session is at least the amount budgeted for, 
    • allocates the rooms to the participants before the summer session, 
    • makes sure all invoices are paid by the accountant (Susanne from FNF),
    • makes sure all youth leaders and arrkom members get honorarium form (to be sent to Susanne and NSU treasurer), 
    • makes sure that all travel forms of keynotes, travel grant recipients and others are filled out correctly with the correct receipts attached,
    • send in in-kind form to show how many hours you have worked for arrkom in September.
  • The Culture Program Manager
    • is responsible for the culture program,
    • is responsible for the program during the excursion day,
    • caters the bar and reserves a dj for the dancing during the last gala dinner evening,
    • reserves the rental buses to and from to the venue,
    • manages the traditional football game during the last day of the week,
    • is responsible to host the keynote speakers which includes to make sure that their transfers to and from the venue runs smoothly and safely,
    • send in in-kind form to show how many hours you have worked for arrkom in September.
  • The Communication Manager
    • manages the blog which is the most important information channel for the participants,
    • gives information to be put in the newsletters to the Board, including information on schedules, payments, sustainable travel options, etc,
    • makes a schedule for the whole summer session, including daily programs,
    • prints out schedules with the daily activities that are to be renewed every day during the summer session,
    • is the contact person for the Children’s circle,
    • send in in-kind form to show how many hours you have worked for arrkom in September.

Other functions and tasks

  • Driver.
  • Mentor and Youth Leaders for the Children’s circle.
  • Leader for morning exercises.
  • Assistant for the communication and information blog (optional).

After the Summer Session

Document for honorarium/fee for keynotes/arrkom/youth leaders/mentor of the youth leaders & performers of the cultural program: honorarium-form-eng

Document for travel/subsidy for keynotes/arrkom/youth leaders/mentor of the youth leaders & performers of the cultural program: see travel page

Document for the certificate for youth leaders: NSU-youth-leader-ceritificate

Send financial report based on Board’s instructions to treasurer after end of the Summer Session.

Self-evaluation report of Arrkom (Template)

Document for self-evaluation of Arrkom to Self-evaluation-Arrkom-Template

Document the in-kind contribution of the time invested as Arrkom members: please fill it out and send it to the treasurer of the Board latest by December 15th. Template:

Last updated: 21 of February 2020

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