Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Updated June 2018.

Voting procedures

Request for interest two years in advance. Voting takes place at the “fællesmøde” in the autumn. Each circle has one vote.

Invitation/request for interest

Current rules.

  • NSU offers 4500 SEK, as an honorarium.
  • Economy class tickets for 1 person,
  • Accommodation for an adult accompanying person,
  • Two lectures and discussion,
  • Participating in the work of the study circles and social activities (excursion etc) for the full duration of the summer session,

Also you may want to include a link to previous speakers or summer session information.

Sample of letter:

Dear Sijun Tong

I don’t remember if I mentioned it in Prague, but I am chairman of something called Nordic Summer University, (NSU) – which is nordic-baltic network for interdisciplinary study and research!

It is similar to the Prague meeeting, although without Critical Theory as an official ideology. Critical theory, however, traditionally have played a rather big role as an ideology, although various post-ideas of course also are influential.

NSU is also both more organised and more democratic. It has been financed by the Nordic countries cooperation since the 50 ies, where it was the play ground for, among others Nils Bohr. Those who meet today, however, are mostly from social science, humanities and philosophy. They work in study circles that have their own agendas and most of the work is done in these circles taht have their own budgets – but in week 30 every summer we meet for one week and listen to each other and
invited speakers.

We normally are around 150 academics (from young candidates to professors) and around 40 family members, including children, which meen that we have a daycare institution during the week. The democracy meens that that I (even though I am chairman) am not in the position to invite you as a keynote lecturer, I can only propose you for the board and there will be a collective consensus decision — so what I will do with this mail is to ask you: Would you be interested to be proposed as one of two keynote speakers for the summer session 2024 on 29 July – 5 August in Denmark?

The terms are: Two lectures around 1 hour each of a subject of your own choice, 1000 euros, we pay transport at economy class, one-week stay at the conference, where you can participate in the study circles (which functions as parallel sessions at a normal conference). The following winther we expect a manuscript around 144.000 signs to print in our series ‘Summertalks’. We do not demand any copy right so you are free to use the text other places. NSU has published scientific books since
the 50’ies.

Former keynote speakers has been:
1995: Slavoj Zizek og Renata Salecl
1996: Friedrich Kittler
1997: Klaus Theweleit
1998: Juliette Flower MacCannel og Graeme Gilloch
1999: Andrew Benjamin, Philippe Sarasin og Asger Sørensen
2000: Simon Critchley og Hille Koskela
2001: Ranjana Khanna, Urs Stäeli og Kirsti Simonsuuri
2002: Martha Nussbaum og N. Katherine Hayles
2003: Sandra Harding og Michael Harbsmeier
2004: Paul Gilroy
2005: Enrique Dussel
2006: Sergio Cremaschi
2007: Alenka Zupancic og Hartmut Rosa
2008: Andrew Bowie
2009: Steven Shaviro & Peter Wagner
2010: Andrew Gibson & Mladen Dolar
2011: Karl Figlio & Martin Beck Matuštík
2012: Richard Schusterman
2013: Julia Borossa & Nina Power
2014: Erin Manning & Stefanie von Schnürbein
2015: Ben Highmore & Roberta Mock
2016: Elisabeth Povinelli & Robert Pfaller
2017: Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir & Cecelia Malmström Olsson
2018: Molly Andrews & Jason DeLeon
2023: Amanda Valentin, Ekaterina Kouznetsova, Epp Annus

After the Summer Session

Document for honorarium/fee for keynotes/arrkom/youth leaders/mentor of the youth leaders & performers of the cultural program: honorarium-form-eng

Document for travel/subsidy for keynotes/arrkom/youth leaders/mentor of the youth leaders & performers of the cultural program: travel-eng

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