Manual for homepage updates

Manual for homepage updates

Handle study circles at ‘’

You login at

You can edit text as a page, add new text as a page, link one page to another page, and upload media which can be linked. If you are new to this, please consider the following order to learn:

  1. Edit existing text
  2. Add a new page
  3. Link one page to another
  4. Upload a file, and link the file
  5. Share you calendar
  6. Add calendar events

In the future you may also add translated versions of your existing texts. This will be explained later, when the site is ready.

Edit text

After you have logged in, you can change or edit an inserted text like this:

Remember to click “update” for the text, or it will not be saved.


  • Click “Pages -> All Pages”
  • Select you text for editing by clicking on the headline
  • Edit your text
  • When done, click “Update”. The text is then saved.


New page

When you add a page, remember to choose the “parent” (at the bottom right) to be your circle (and nothing else), then save by clicking the blue button “Publish” above. The “view” your new page.


  • Click “Pages -> Add New Page”
  • Enter your headline in the top box
  • Enter your text in the larger textarea
  • Under the right hand column there are “Page Attributes”
  • Select “Parent” and choose your study circle as the parent for the text, e.g. if you have the study circle “1. Transformations …”
  • Optional: choose also the type of text as “Homepage” which have more features than the “Default” type
  • Click “Publish” to save the new page
  • View your new page by clicking at the top “View page”

Link pages

The idea behind linking pages is that one refers to the other by a link. Such as when you are on a page A it contains a link to a page B. Then you have to first edit A, choose a link text “go to B” and then make that text refer to page B. Always remember to save your pages by either “Update” or “Publish”.


  • Make sure you have both the pages available: the page you want to link from, and the page you want to link to
  • Click “Pages -> All Pages”
  • Choose the page you want to link from by clicking its header
  • Go inside the area for editing, and add the text you would like to link with
  • Mark the new small text by selecting it (draw the cursor over it so it becomes blue)
  • In the toolbar above the textarea there is a tool for links which looks like a small chain
  • Click the chain-tool
  • A small dialog comes up, where you choose the page you want to link to
  • When you have selected the right page (they can be named similar and it is a global search space), then click “Add Link”
  • Now the two pages are united by a link
  • Click “Update” to make sure it is saved
  • View the page by clicking “View page”

Upload media and link

You can upload files such as files in the PDF format or .doc generated by Microsoft Word.


  • Click “Pages -> All Pages”
  • Click on the headline for the page you want to include the new media in
  • Go inside the area for editing, and add the text you would like to go with the new addition
  • Click “Add media” above the toolbar
  • A new dialog appears “Insert media”
  • Choose the tab marked “Upload files”
  • Drag and drop the file you want to upload in the center of the area
  • The file is uploaded
  • Click on the bottom right “Insert into page”
  • A link appears that directly links to your added media
  • Save the new edit by clicking “Update”
  • View the page by clicking “View page”


Share calendar events

You can add calendar events available within the web mail control panel. Log in to your web mail. Choose the “calendar” in the control panel at the top. The events can be visible immediately at the public site but requires a manual configuration first.


  • In the calendar, click the cogwheel that appears
  • Next click “share calendar”
  • Optionally you can add a comment, but then click “Share”
  • Copy the content (the link) from the box “iCal” and send it to the secretariat in an email
  • After the configuration has been done, you will see your updates reflected on the public site

Add calendar events

You can add events to be shown at the public site as long as it has been configured (see above).


  • Click where you want to add the event
  • Fill out the details in the modal dialog
  • Do NOT use the “repeat” function, as it can not display in the public calendar
  • Also do not make your event longer that span across multiple days, as it can not be displayed
  • You can use the “allday” box
  • Save the event to the calendar you share

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