Call for Participation – Writing Labs

Call for Participation – Writing Labs

Experiencing Liminal Space through Writing Labs

According to Djamila Ribeiro we all have a specific site of speech, which is an intersection of several of our marks, such as race, gender, class, sexuality, nationality, and citizenship (or lack of it). Ribeiro claims that what we are able to see, understand, and care about will largely depend on our site of speeches. Similarly, Hannah Arendt claimed that who we appear to be in the world strongly affects who we can be. Jacques Derrida and Anne Dufourmantelle raised the issue of inviting each other into each other’s text, while being aware that asking for someone’s name in order to justify this kind of hospitality is making that connection impossible. In the workshops offered we will play and try out exercises together, that will shake how we categorize our and others’ marks.

The writing labs will bring fragments of philosophical texts, poetry, and auto-theory.

There are sessions you can join online (8, 14 and 23 November), and sessions you can join in Bergen, Norway (14, 23th and 24 November). More information:

At the end of this experiment, we aim at a publication. Participants are welcome to participate, but not obliged to. Deadline for submission of text following the workshops is 21st December 2023.

More information:

If you want to join us online send an email to
If you want to join us at aerial in Bergen send an email to

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