Youth leader and Mentor

Youth leader and Mentor

The application period for the Youth Leaders and the Mentor in the Children Circle for the NSU Summer Sessions is from March 1st till April 15th. No application received after the deadline will be taken into consideration.

Please write a free application in a Word document of 1 or 2 pages max with the following information and send it to The application should include:

  • Full name, age, address and e-mail;
  • A motivation where you state why you think NSU should elect you to become a Mentor or a Youth Leader;
  • A brief description if you have any previous experience in children’s education or similar activities;
  • A brief description if you have any prior experience of the NSU;
  • A list of which languages you speak and on what levels.

By the 1st of May Arrkom and the NSU Board will select 4-5 Youth Leaders and one Mentor.


The Youth Leaders and the Mentor will will get their travel costs, accommodation and meals at the Summer Session covered. The Youth Mentor will have to arrive one day earlier before the session starts together with the coordinators of the study circles. The Youth Leaders will additionally receive a lump sum. For 2020, this is 1000 SEK per Youth Leader, and for the Mentor. 

The Mentor is expected to take part in the one-day meeting before the summer session starts (FM1) and the feedback session at the end of the summer session (FM2), which means arriving one day before the summer session starts.

The selected applicants should confirm their acceptance of the job no later than May 1st by replying to the Arrkom email (see address above). If e-mails are not confirmed, the position will be granted to the next applicant on the waiting list. Applicant on the waiting list who receives an offer as a Youth Leader after May 1st will be given 48 hours to confirm or decline. It is really important for applicants on the waiting list to watch their email carefully around these days, if they do not want to risk missing out the opportunity to be a Youth Leader.

Major deadlines

  1. 1st of March – Call for applications opens.
  2. 15th of April – Call for applications closes.
  3. 15th of April until 1st of May – The selected applicants will receive answers from Arrkom.
  4. 1st of May – Last day for the selected applicants to confirm or decline their position as Mentor or Youth Leader.
  5. After May 1st, people on the waiting list will be contacted.

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